Key West Pottery News

A lovely midweek surprise! A friend and favorite collector stopped in to talk about the newest sculpture in the gallery… turns out she had the perfect spot for it. One of the most beautiful homes we’ve been to in old town, outfitted with its second outdoor work by Adam Russell. This one, “Swimming Influence” was standing in the hidden garden about 4 hours later. Thank You DD!

​After a month of very hard work, we are so pleased to invite you into our new gallery! 1203 Duval Street is OPEN! This clean and sleek building is the perfect setting for the island’s only art house pottery and right in the middle of the Upper Duval Arts District at that. We find our new neighborhood to be refined and chic…. make sure you adjust the bearing on your navigation! 1203 Duval St. KW, the new home of Key West Pottery

Cant wait to see you. xoxo KWP